Auður’s Hera (Ginger)

Feb 11, 2010 – Oct 22, 2013

Ginger was shot and killed on 10/22/13 by the man who owns the property next to us, Clayton Rutt, of Rutt Rd in Washington Twp, PA.  She dug under a gate
and got out, and got into his chickens.  She killed one chicken and injured a few others.
He claims in the police report that she was aggressive to him and his wife, which
I find extremely  hard to believe.  As you know, aggressive Icies are very rare, and
Ginger liked people and was friendly.  Anyway, he got a 22 and shot her twice, and then
when he thought she was coming towards him in aggression, he hit her with the
rifle butt and she died, but she was already dying from the horrific bullet wound in
her side.  I will always wonder if she was coming towards the human in desperate
seeking for help.  It is beyond belief to me that a dog can be legally killed for killing
a chicken.  And a dog can also be killed legally if the person says the dog was vicious, and since there are no witnesses, who is to say.

Our hearts are broken.

Ginger earned her World Cynosport Rally (was APDT Rally) Level 1 title 3/22/13 with an Award of Excellence for all scores of 190 and above.

Ginger completes Rally Level 1 title.

Ginger completes Rally Level 1 title.

Ginger's first APDT Rally leg -- First Place.

Ginger’s first APDT Rally leg — First Place.

Auður’s Hera was bred by Auður Valsdóttir, T.K. Icelandics.

Her birthdate is 11 Feb 2010.

Her pedigree is available here.

Ginger’s hips are OFA Excellent.  Her data on the OFA website is here.

Her CERF eye exams have been normal.

Ginger weighs 26 lbs.  She is a very sturdy little dog, with good bone, and a great tail curl.

And adorable, as you can see in these pictures.

You can click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Below are some younger pictures:

Getting her Star Puppy in Puppy Class:

Look, Mom, I dug a really big hole!


5 Responses

  1. very cute puppy. I would love to see more, of course. Markus’ puppies are all turning out beautifully!

    • Do y ou mean youwould like to see more of Ginger’s pictures? (We call her Ginger). Because there are gobs of pictures of her on the blog, from April on. Or maybe you meant other puppies from the litter? Because I would love to see pictures of the other puppies also! Holly

  2. hi guys – cece, skye and todd warton here. moved to florida with a new job last year – thinking of you guys. you have a new addition! beautiful..

    todd, cece and skye warton

  3. I am so sorry for your loss of Ginger. How can a grown man be afraid of a 26 pound dog? You should make a sign/poster of her and write on it that she was shot and killed by the neighbor and that folks should “beware” of the neighbor. Then post it by your gate. He should be publicly ridiculed and it is your legal right to post a warning sign.

  4. Sorry for your loss. She was beautiful

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