Truffle First Birthday

Truffie turned one year old on September 20, so we took some pictures. They are all pretty similar, so not very exciting, but I want to have a record of how she looks at a year. But first there is a collage of her whole litter, to match the one below it, from last year when they were all babies. Joann Secondino made the collages from all our photos. At the bottom of this entry are some pictures of Truffle and Shadow playing.

Truff is Shadow’s sweetie. He will allow Viva to play with her if they don’t get too rambunctious, but if it gets rowdy, he intervenes and pushes Viva away. Truffie can do no wrong no matter how awful she is to him, and she can attach herself to him in all kinds of ways that look very painful : -) but he very seldom reprimands her. His favorite way to play is to lie on his back and let Truffie do all the running around.