What the girls are doing lately

Ginger had a little run with a huge Labradoodle at the dog park before class this morning.  Well, he ran, and she mostly ducked.  But he was friendly and she didn’t seem too overwhelmed.  Then since it was the last class in this session (Advanced Puppy), Renee ran us through the CGC test.  Ginger did some of the things fine (leash-walking especially) but she didn’t stay on the 20-ft. stay.  I haven’t gone anywhere near 20 feet with her, so I wasn’t surprised.  Also, she moved away when Renee went over her, so we did a little associative training with treats and handling.  It is hard to work on that, because she is out here in the country unless she is at Renee’s class.  Well, once in a while I may take her to Mom’s or Debby’s.  And in fact, at Debby’s the other day, we did practice the CGC stranger handling a little.  We are going to move into a Beginner Rally class for now, because there isn’t a CGC class at a time that I can attend.


Truffle finished her Greenhorn herding last weekend.  She never really got to the herding part, because she can’t calmly walk towards the sheep.  When she gets 20 ft away from them or so, she charges them.  I don’t know what she would do if she were off-leash, but she is on the long-line, and Caroline wants to see more self-control before we take her off.  With her hair-trigger arousal, I am not sure herding is the best way to spend my training money.  I remember when she was like that in regular obedience classes, but now she can go to dog shows and compete.  So I think she could learn self-control around sheep also, but I think she would need to really be around sheep alot.  And since we don’t have sheep, and I am not rich, that’s probably not going to happen.

She will be trying for more Rally Novice legs in mid-September at Lehigh Valley KC and Berks KC in Macungie.   There is a video of her practicing on Renee’s Let’s Speak Dog Facebook page.  I need to stand up and not look back at her so much.  I was pretending to run at times because I was trying to wake her up a little, because sometimes she gets bored with it.

 Am I ignoring Sam?  Well, he is not doing any showing.  But he loves to do training, and if only he weren’t such a nutcase around dogs, I do think he’d be the best in the ring.  He is learning to weave through my legs now.  He learns everything fast and does it with such willingness and energy.



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