Welcome to our new Icelandic Sheepdog puppy

On October 7, Mert and I went to JFK Airport in New York to pick up our new puppy, Reykjadals Séra Skolli. His breeder, Brynhildur Inga Einarsdóttir, http://notendur.centrum.is/~borg1 , sent him on Icelandair, from Keflavik Airport in Iceland. His flight was about 6 hours, and then another hour until we got the paperwork and got through Customs, and then we could finally get him out of the crate. The crate was dry and he was perfectly clean.

He settled into our household as if he had been here for ages. He is very affectionate and cuddly, loves to climb in our laps, and lie at our feet. Truffle just loves him, and she wants to be with him all the time, which means she hangs around us more, because that’s where he is. If he is out in the yard, he soon will be at the door or the gate, reminding us that he wants to be where we are. Truff, on the other hand, used to be happy staying in the yard all day long, we joke that she is just barely domesticated. Now when Séra comes in, soon she will be at the door wanting to come in too.

They are opposite in looks as well as temperament, as you can see in the pictures. He is a short-coated black tricolor. His tan is very light, like coffee with lots of cream. He is just absolutely adorable.

Brynhildur sent so many pictures of Séra in Iceland, and below are a few of them, and some from Pennsylvania — Penn’s Woods, very different from Iceland. I also included a picture of Brynhildur’s house in winter, although Séra hasn’t experienced winter yet, but it looks so Icelandic, although Brynhildur said the house came from Finland.

In Iceland:

Séra Skolli and his mother Töfra Hólmfríður Hrifla, bred by Monika Karlsdottir, http://www.tofradogs.com/english.htm.

Séra Skolli’s father, Þórdunu Séra Sómi:

Séra Skolli’s mother, Töfra Hólmfríður Hrifla: