Fall 2011 Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies in Pennsylvania

Truffle was bred to GCH CH Frostfyre’s Roskur, and puppies were born 19 September 2011.  This page will give you information about Truffle and Roskur.

Pictures of the puppies are posted on our Stonecrop Puppy page and will be updated as they grow. 

Since we have a rare breed, with small numbers being bred, I feel a responsibility to contribute to the effort to maintain as broad a gene pool as possible. We cannot just breed the most winning dogs. I believe we need to keep as wide a range of dogs as possible in the breeding population, as long as they don’t have serious faults.  Breeding is a new experience for me and my husband, and we are relying on more experienced friends and mentors for support through this process. 

For more information about Truffle, pictured below,


see her page on this blog, and her many pictures throughout the blog.

I was so happy to spend some time with GCH CH Frostfyre’s Roskur when I took Truffle to Virginia to be bred.  He is a total sweetheart, and so agreeable and willing to please.  Temperament is so important to me, and I just love his friendly easy-going manner.  And of course he is a handsome boy!


For more information about Roskur, please see the following links:

Roskur’s pedigree

Roskur’s OFA health tests

Roskur in the show ring

7/16/2011:  Shanee KC, Woodstock, VA, entry 647, Herding Group 4th under Dr. Klaus Anselm

8/14/2011:  Harrisburg KC, Harrisburg, PA, entry 1872, Herding Group 4th under Walter Sommerfelt

Frostfyre website

Offspring of Loki frá Oddhóli, Roskur’s father

2010 litter of Roskur and Viking Syfjuth





This smiling photo of Roskur says it all:



Roskur’s father Loki:



Old web page with a critique of Loki by well-known breeder Monika Karlsdóttir

Of course, most breeders worry about finding perfect homes for their puppies and we are no different.  Icies are high-energy dogs, who can be intense and very noisy.  They can also be reactive in some situations, especially depending on their socialization and environment.  Some Icie females can be bossy.  They want and need to be with their families (canine and human).   Some Icies can get out of most normal fences.  Multiple Icies in one household can rev up the barking level.

Icies are not the perfect pet for everyone. 

On the plus side, they are super-friendly and loving to people, especially children.  They are very smart and quick to learn (that can be a plus and a minus!).  They are generally healthy and athletic dogs.  They are the perfect size.  They are cute as all get-out, even when they are doing things you really don’t want them to do.

If you think you would provide a good home for an Icelandic Sheepdog, and you are interested in this breeding, please email us at holly@stonecropstudio.com and I will send you the application form.


5 Responses

  1. What a beautiful web site. Easy to understand and navigate, all the pertinent information we could want – and not too much, wonderful photographs and it’s so nice to see Loki! Thank you Holly!

  2. Oops, did I say web site? I should have said blog.
    Beautiful, none the less.

  3. Truffle is beautiful! She and Roskur will make the prettiest babies.

  4. Truffie looks great. Wonderful blog. Should be any day now.

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