Catching up

I am finally getting some pictures from late winter on the blog.  It is funny to see these snow pictures when it is green and sunny and 75 degrees out.  It makes me dread next winter when I see it, but of course the dogs don’t mind.  These pictures are heavy on Ginger Snap for some reason.  Right now, we are keeping an eagle eye on Truffle because we plan to breed her soon.

sam leapingviva_rollinganother_cute_pic_of_gingginger_facelittle_cutiegirls_through_windowicy_daycomfylittle_foxginger_walking_joyfrom_loftg_faceg_closeupginger_alertmiss_tginger_watchingginger_with_truff_collargingercloseupviva_snowstormcouchrelaxing2relaxinggirls_on_stairs6461bggsnow