9 Weeks

Truffle is 9 weeks old today. She weighs 8 lbs, 4 oz. She had a lovely day, with the gang down at Mom’s, everybody wanted to play with her so she got lots of attention, and then snoozed in her crate. Here are some pictures from this morning out in the yard. She loves all the smells, likes to snuffle down under the leaves and find who-knows-what.

Here she heard a flock of geese coming over and paused from snuffling in the dirt to watch them.She likes to get on high places and look around. Luckily I managed to catch this shot, usually she is too quick for me.
Truffle and Shadow are friends, they wander around the yard together. Truffle launches at his tail, he doesn’t pay much attention, sometimes he trots after her. He is 10, and very mellow.

Day 3

Truffle surprised us by sleeping through the night the first night, and last night she was just as good. We have 4″ of snow, and she looks very funny jumping through it. It is hard to photograph her because she won’t stay still. If she hears a noise in the woods, she charges towards it barking — this little bundle the size of a small toaster, it doesn’t seem to occur to her that the noise-maker might be bigger than she is. She reminds me of a wild animal in the way that she freezes like a little statue alerting at sights or noises, and then shoots ahead, then freezes again. Many sudden stops and starts!

On Saturday Holly & Allison drove to Connecticut to pick up 8-week old Runestone Truffle. We had a lovely time playing with the other puppies and meeting everyone. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

Truffle’s mother Gryla watches the birds.

A quick pottie stop on the way home.

The day after we brought her back it snowed all day, which was appropriate for an Iceland Sheepdog.
Aunt Margie playing with Truffle in the snow. Truffle is a little bullet, dashing around everywhere with her tail up.

New Puppy

Ready and waiting for our new Icelandic Sheepdog puppy, Truffle, to arrive. The dining area has been evacuated to make room for the ex-pen, the living room rug put upstairs for a few months. Saturday Allison and I drive to Connecticut to pick her up.