Ginger at 10 weeks


Little Ginger is into everything.  Life’s a big party.  Thank goodness she takes lots of naps!  Truffle takes her big sister duties seriously and is teaching Ginger the important duty:  Keep every moving thing far away from our fenceline, such as squirrels and cats.  Lacking squirrels or cats, grasshoppers or imaginary cats will do for practice.  So far, Ginger isn’t participating in the loud parts of that duty.   Truffle brings her toys such as kongs or sticks, but occasionally reminds Ginger that all the toys and twigs on the property really belong to Truffle.

Sammy still doesn’t take to Ginger, so he doesn’t show up in these pictures, but he is slowly coming around to the acceptance that this creature is here to stay.  Change is hard to deal with!  Sammy is a stick-in-the-mud, he would rather nothing changes, and he just stays in his peaceful home with his well-known family.  As opposed to Truffle, who is always eager for the next new thing.

Here is a picture of Truffle at 10 weeks, to compare with Ginger.

Welcoming a little Canadian in PA

We are thrilled to have another little bundle of happiness here in Pennsylvania.  Auður’s Hera joined us last week, and I just haven’t had a minute to get photos up before now.  I can’t imagine how Auður was functioning with 11 of these little bundles at once.  We chose Ginger as her call name, it is easy to say and seems to fit her well.

Truffle is helping us keep her occupied and teaching her the ropes.  Truff took to her immediately and plays with her so nicely.  Sammy doesn’t like her yet, and we are keeping them separated until he realizes she’s not so bad.

Uh-oh, already digging, it’s in the genes…