Spring Changes

I retired last week!  Now I am thinking I should get to all these many projects and long-postponed tasks.  One is, figure out what to do with this blog.  When Truffle had her puppies last fall, I kept all the information on her web pages at http://www.stonecropstudio.com/icelandic_sheepdogs.html .  But it is convenient to have the blog to put up pictures and comments from time to time.  However, so many Icelandic Sheepdog people use Facebook, which is not my favorite, but if that’s where everyone is, it is more convenient for people to use that.  So I think for a time I will try to add my dog pictures to Facebook.  Here are a few but I probably won’t be updating this often.





Gingerbread House

Here is a video of Ginger playing with the Gingerbread House that Elaine sent.


Truffle’s puppies are all settled in their new homes, and I post pictures of them as their new families are kind enough to send them, at http://www.stonecropstudio.com/icelandic_sheepdog_puppies.html .  The whole puppy experience was amazing, and I was lucky not to run into health problems, and I had help from many others, including especially our friend and expert Tom Flaherty, and my sister Debby, and the gang at Mt Bethel Animal Hospital, and Elaine Mozur (Truffle’s breeder) and Susan Hartman (Roskur’s breeder).   Many others helped with advice and steered buyers my way, including Jo-Ann Secondino (owner of Truffle’s father) and Loren Dribinsky.  My thanks to all.

Things always get hectic around the holidays, and as I get older, I notice it doesn’t take much to make life feel hectic to me!  After the holidays, I have two more very busy months of work before my retirement date.  Yay, can’t wait!

Puppy Update

There are many many pictures and videos of the puppies on their webpage.  Scroll down on that page for links.

Four of the five puppies are sold and will be leaving next week for their new homes.  One special girl, Anja, is available to the right home.  For an application, please email holly@stonecropstudio.com.

I have not tried to duplicate the pictures from the website on this blog.  The website is so much easier to maintain.  Please click over there for more information.


Two week old Icie puppies

See more puppy pictures on their webpage.

All five puppies have doubled their birth weight by day 8, some a bit more than double.  They are starting to really motor around the whelping box, and boy, do they mob Truffie, they are relentless.  I just clipped some of their little needle claws, I need to get the rest of them when they fall back to sleep again.  Pictures from the first week on the puppy page.

New Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies

Truffle had her litter on September 19, 2011.  Pictures are available on the puppy page.

Truffle’s 2011 Litter

I just added a web page for Truffle’s expected litter with Roskur. Please click on the page in the left-hand “Pages” list for all the exciting details.

Catching up

I am finally getting some pictures from late winter on the blog.  It is funny to see these snow pictures when it is green and sunny and 75 degrees out.  It makes me dread next winter when I see it, but of course the dogs don’t mind.  These pictures are heavy on Ginger Snap for some reason.  Right now, we are keeping an eagle eye on Truffle because we plan to breed her soon.

sam leapingviva_rollinganother_cute_pic_of_gingginger_facelittle_cutiegirls_through_windowicy_daycomfylittle_foxginger_walking_joyfrom_loftg_faceg_closeupginger_alertmiss_tginger_watchingginger_with_truff_collargingercloseupviva_snowstormcouchrelaxing2relaxinggirls_on_stairs6461bggsnow

Merry Christmas…

and Happy New Year from Truffle, Ginger and Sam. 



Typical Icies

Nothing special today, just some photos from the past few weeks that make me smile.

One of their favorite places to hang out is the stair landing where they can keep an eye on critical activities in the yard without expending too much energy.  Sam on top, then Ginger and Truffle, and Ginger.



Sam and Ginger taking it easy:


Enjoying the sun:
Could we have some cheese, please?


It is not unusual to see Ginger draped over the arm of the couch. Obviously, we don’t keep anything on the end tables.  You set your tea down there at your own risk.



Another good viewing spot: