Memorial Day

I tried to get some pictures of all the dogs together.  Impossible!  Ginger absolutely wouldn’t stay in one place for a minute.  I got some cute ones of the other dogs.  Also there are a few photos below that Mert had taken over the past week or two.


New Friends

When we first got Ginger we had to keep Sammy separated from her because he didn’t like her, and he wasn’t being nice.  It took her a few weeks, but she laid it on thick, and finally he gave up.  Now he seems resigned to being the only male surrounded by girls, and looking on the good side of it.

Late Spring Update

Little Ginger is now 13 weeks old.  She is an adorable puppy, we are very happy to have her.

Now who could resist that face?

Snoozing in her swimmer position.  She often lies like this with her legs sticking out in four directions.

This was a view of the guinea hen from Truffle’s position.  We don’t know where it came from, but Truffle scared it up into the tree and then she settled in to guard it and make sure it didn’t come down.

Feels like summer

It is in the high 80’s here today, not very seasonal for May 1.  The dogs are all lying around and I am taking a minute to add a few shots to the blog.  Ginger had an outing to the nursery to day to get mulch and some plants, and has been crashed ever since.  Truffle and I went to Rally Run-Thrus last night at Great Companions, what a lovely facility.  Truff started out a little overwhelmed with all the dogs, but acclimated after about 15 minutes, and did a nice job.  Too much sniffing on the astroturf, but I was very pleased with how she handled all the dogs coming and going, not to mention the two huge Great Danes sitting next to us.  And she got a few nice runs around their picturesque little lake.  I could probably get her APDT Rally Novice between this facility and Pam’s PMDT, and she would be on somewhat familiar ground.  I plan on several more Run-thru’s here, even though I have to take a half-day off from work to be able to make it.

Sam got neutered today.  Sad decision for Mert and me and also for Brynhildur, but we had to accept that his temperament is not what we want in an Icie.  Too anxious by far.  The mixture of genes that were caught when fate threw his genes up in the air just didn’t have all the right switches for turning off the emotional danger signals, so that Sammy’s are always on, and it must be exhausting for him.  We are working slowly with him to be able to deal with public places, but we had to slowly decide that this is not the temperament we want to risk passing on or selling to a puppy home.