AKC Star Puppy

What a cutie!

The little Gingersnap.

A beautiful moth Mert found on the shop.





Pastime for a Hot Day

It’s a really hot afternoon, so sitting here getting some new pictures on the blog is a good way to conserve energy.  I am not thrilled with some of these, they seem to be slightly distorted as if I had a wide-angle setting or something. But maybe it’s my imagination, anyway here they are.

A couple shots of Truffle from May. 


Some pictures of the dogs from the last week or two:  Ginger at about 4 1/2  months:


  A few pictures of the garden, that Mert has worked hard on this year.         



Well, the ball was a real hit for about 10 minutes.  Actually, they like to play with the remains also, but soon ripped it to shreds and I had to collect them and put them in the trash can.

Ginger enjoying her bone after she buried it and dug it up again:

The old and the young:

Sammy chilling:

The huggable puppy:

The whole crew:

Kilroy was here:





I thought it was interesting to see these pictures of Ginger and Truffle at just about the same age of 4 months.  Ginger is rangier and I think will be bigger than Truff in the end.  Truffle didn’t go through as much of an awkward leggy stage as some puppies do.  Ginger is much milder and more amenable than Truffle was, who was much more impulsive and independent.  It is so much fun to see how different all three of these Icies are.