Truffle finishes Rally Novice

Truffle completed her Rally Novice Title at Lehigh Valley Kennel Club and Berks County Kennel Club, on September 18 and 19, 2010, in Macungie, PA. On Saturday, under Stephen Hersey, she got a 99 and 4th place. On Sunday, with Judge Arthur Cartwright, she got 96 and placed 2nd. She worked beautifully on Saturday, very alert and focused. Sunday she had distracted times and focused times. I was very pleased with her both days. Saturday she was quite excited being on the show grounds, and had quite a few moments of woofing and I spent more time getting her calmed down. Sunday she felt more at home more quickly after getting to the show. I have to watch her because she will guard her crate and my chair, and me too, so I have to be alert to who is coming by us. She is not a dog you can just wander around paying no attention to.

These nice photos were taken by my training friend Pat, who was not showing that weekend and concentrated on taking pictures of various friends who were in the trial. Thanks so much, Pat!

Visit from Micah

Micah had a good time with the dogs on his summer visit, and of course they loved it too.

Ginger is losing patience with the photo session.

Hey, let’s play instead!