Gingerbread House

Here is a video of Ginger playing with the Gingerbread House that Elaine sent.

Truffle’s puppies are all settled in their new homes, and I post pictures of them as their new families are kind enough to send them, at .  The whole puppy experience was amazing, and I was lucky not to run into health problems, and I had help from many others, including especially our friend and expert Tom Flaherty, and my sister Debby, and the gang at Mt Bethel Animal Hospital, and Elaine Mozur (Truffle’s breeder) and Susan Hartman (Roskur’s breeder).   Many others helped with advice and steered buyers my way, including Jo-Ann Secondino (owner of Truffle’s father) and Loren Dribinsky.  My thanks to all.

Things always get hectic around the holidays, and as I get older, I notice it doesn’t take much to make life feel hectic to me!  After the holidays, I have two more very busy months of work before my retirement date.  Yay, can’t wait!


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  1. Loved the videos! They are having so much fun! the one with Broody was hilarious 🙂 I always wondered how it sounds when few Icies bark at the same time, now I know! 🙂

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