Bones in the Snow

Aww, a sweet Valentine’s Day greeting!

Greeting over bone....

Or is it? Actually this is a good illustration of body language.  Notice that Truffle’s tail is down, not a happy sign.  And if you enlarge the photo you can see their lips are drawn tight.  Both bodies are tense and frozen, and Sam rather upright , which soon intensifies.  Here’s a clue:  there’s a bone involved.

Truffle will defend her bones viciously, maybe she is practicing behavior for defending her babies.  But Sam is growing up.  He won’t start a squabble, he isn’t guardy about his bones, but he is starting to not back down to Truffle.  I think her days of being able to boss him around are numbered.  He may let her, but he is starting to remind her that he doesn’t have to let her :–)

What was the outcome?  Viva intervened, got in between them and unobtrusively defused the squabble.    Sam wandered off, rather easily distracted because the bone wasn’t his goal in the first place.

And Truffle was left victorious — notice the tail still down.  She’s still nursing her grudge.

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